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  • Menace Saddle Kit

    We built the Menace for the more fully-figured man. It’s also a more budget friendly option to get you started in the saddle hunting game. The Menace Saddle Kit is the best way to get you started saddle hunting and includes our tried-and-true, climbing rated, 11mm Tree Tether and Linemans Belt spliced - eye ropes with our ultralight Tethrd carabiners. The Menace Saddle Kit gives you everything needed to safely climb and hunt almost any tree imaginable. Heavy-Duty Construction: Made from heavy-duty, lightweight, durable, and extremely strong components. Amsteel Bridge: Weather resistant, ultralight, and ultra strong 30" fixed Amsteel bridge Lineman Loops: Built in lineman loops to encourage safety while climbing. Microfit Adjusters: Integrated Microfit Adjusters allow you to easily dial in your comfort. MENACE SIZING 34″-38″ = LARGE 38″-44″ = EXTRA LARGE Rating: 300 lbs
  • Phantom Saddle Kit

    We took over 100 years of combined saddle hunting experience and boiled it down to the Phantom. It has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s perfect. All day effortless comfort awaits. The Phantom is the next evolution in ultralight hunting. Try the Phantom and discover why hunters all over the world are ditching their tree stands for the saddle hunting revolution. Waist sizes 28"-36" should select the Regular. Waist sizes 38"+ should select the XL. The Phantom Starter Kit includes the Phantom saddle, Tether, Lineman belt, and optional platform. This is everything you need to get hunting. The Predator platform is not essential if you already have some sort of platform to rest your feet on at hunting height. The Phantom is 100% Made In the USA
  • Predator Platform

    The Predator Platform redefined hunting from an elevated position. The Predator Platform allows hunters to shoot 360 degrees around the tree and remain comfortable all day long. The Predator can be installed on nearly any tree that will hold your weight. It gives the saddle hunter an extreme advantage when it comes to versatility and bulk reduction. There are a lot of advantages to the Predator, but here are a few of our favorite: Die-cast aluminum construction for superior strength and minimal noise. Rock solid, yet whisper quiet installation with our ZipCam strap and button. Easy adjustment for leaning trees or foot positions with adjustable platform leveling. Patented Traction Tread & Toe Wings for easy maneuverability and side pressure. The Predator is the original ultralight saddle hunting platform. It’s the standard against which all other saddle hunting platforms are measured. Weighing only 3 lbs, and packing flat for transport, it’s the lightest, least bulky, full-featured saddle hunting platform ever designed. Weight: 3 lbs Rating: 300 lbs
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    The Tethrd Skeletors are the best mid-priced portable climbing stick on the planet. First we released the Tethrd One Sticks to be the most lightweight, packable, and mobile climbing stick on the planet. We used ultra-high-end materials and proprietary construction methods in order to achieve a One-Pound climbing stick (including the attachment method). We are the first in the world to bring this type of lightweight climbing to hunters. The downside is the One Sticks are expensive and hard to make. Enter the Skeletors. The Skeletors are designed to be budget friendly, but still include many of the features we engineered into our One Sticks. The Skeletors are built with a folding dual step design that folds AWAY from the tree. Folding away from the tree gives the hunter more room for their feet when climbing. Is that a major life-changing feature? Probably not, but attention to detail counts when you’re trying to be the most efficient hunter you can be. The Skeletors attach to the tree with our patented DynaLite rope and tab. It’s the most user friendly, lightweight, simple, and fast connection method in history. There are no heavy buckles. There are no mechanical pieces. There is no fiddle factor. Stacking your Skeletors for transport is a breeze with our built in StickLoc pin system. Simply align the pins and stack away. We’re also introducing our patent-pending RCS (Rope Containment System). Manage your DynaLite ropes quickly and easily with a Roll-Tide-Simple RCS. TOTAL LENGTH (PACKED): 24″ TOTAL LENGTH (DEPLOYED): 20″ TOTAL LENGTH (4-PACK): 27″ STEP-TO-STEP HEIGHT: 18″ TOTAL WEIGHT (SINGLE)*: 2 lb TOTAL WEIGHT (4 PACK)*: 8 lb DYNALIGHT ROPE: 8.5 foot WEIGHT LIMIT: 300 lb
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    Tethrd HYS Strap

    The patent pending Tethrd HYS Strap is the ultimate public land legal gear hanger. You can hang it. You can girth hitch it. You can T-Hook it. You can wrap it around a tree trunk. You can wrap it around a branch. Whatever works for you. The HYS Strap is made of high strength, mildew and rot resistant polyester that enables you to hang your stuff in whatever way makes sense to you. Put some stuff around the back side of the tree, some on the left, and some on the right. You can easily move your gear and position it wherever it makes sense for your style of hunting. To attach it, simply girth hitch it with any of the existing loops, or use the included T-hook for a quick connection. If you hunt small trees, cut it to length. You won’t hurt anything. We like to pair ours with a Hero Clip and some modified S-biners. Get yours with the Pro Pack Upgrade for hassle free hanging. 7′ long can be cut to length for hunter preference Ultra-light at 3 ounces 3/4″ webbing for ultra-packability 1.75″ distance between “links” T-Hook included Coyote tan for maximum concealment
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    Tethrd Knee Pads

    The Tethrd Knee Pads are the new standard in saddle hunting knee protection. Whether you’re a new saddle hunter, or an OG, the knee pad can make or break your hunt. We took our favorite kneepads from the mountain climbing industry and MADE THEM WORK FOR US. We TRIPLED the padding, added hexagonal gripping lugs, overlayed them with a slide-stopping rubber coating, and made them more saddle hunter friendly. EXTRA PADDING We designed our knee pads with a triple dose of comfortable closed-cell foam padding. These Knee Pads have cushion and strength exactly where you need them. They’ll last forever and save your knees on those long sits. TREE GRIPPING We engineered a raised honeycomb gripping surface to provide more bite and leverage during your hunt. But we didn’t stop there. We added an EXTRA super-grippy rubber on the face to keep your knees right where you want them. ONE OF A KIND CAMO Our knee pads use a one-of-a-kind camo process ensuring every single one is uniquely camouflaged. Do the deer care if your knee pads are camo? Probably not…but they sure do look cool. EASY ATTACHMENT Our stretch straps allow you to put them on at the truck and walk to your tree. They’re also light and small enough to pack in if you don’t like wearing knee pads while walking. With a simple attachment and bomb proof construction, the Tethrd Knee Pads leave everything else in the dust. KNEE PAD SPECS 11 oz Total weight (pair) Raised hexagonal gripping lugs Rubber gripping layer against the tree Stretchy knee straps for easy walking
  • Tethrd Knusion

    The Tethrd Knushion is a user friendly knee cushion. Saddle hunters have been using knee protection for years. Some hunters like knee pads, some like seat cushions strapped to the tree. Until now there’s never been a commercially available knee cushion for saddle hunters. We worked with Justin Oosterbaan to design this version of the Knushion. It’s a sleek, simple knee cushion that installs in seconds without adding unnecessary weight or bulk to your pack. The Knushion hits the sweet spot of comfort and packability. We built the Knushion with ultra-strong and durable RhinoSkin fabric that grips your knees and resists wear. It doesn’t matter if you prefer knee pads, or knee cushions. Our crew actually uses both. What really matters is now you have options. The Knushion is another tool to help you become a more efficient, comfortable, and light weight saddle hunter. KNUSHION SPECS Total weight: 5 oz Size: 13″ x 7″
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    Tethrd MVP

  • Tethrd Predator Pack

    Built to keep your platform handy during your trek while you search for that perfect tree. The Predator Pack can be worn as a stand alone pack (minimalist pack straps included), or used as an attachment for your separate, more fully featured pack. We like to use ours as a stand alone (add a couple SYS Haulers on the outside) pack during the early season. When it gets colder, we like to attach the Predator Pack to a separate pack and use it as a compression panel (Compression Kit required). No matter how you use the Predator Pack…it’s a great piece of gear to make you a more efficient hunter. The Predator Pack is made from our own proprietary blend of Cordura, Hypalon fabrics, and MILSPEC webbing. Weight: 14 ounces DOES NOT include Predator platform
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    Tethrd Suspender Kit

    Saggy Saddles Matter. The Tethrd Saddle Suspender kit solves the problem. The Phantom & Phantom XL come “Suspender Kit Ready”. Don’t use Tethrd gear? Sorry about that 🙂 but we made our Saddle Suspender Kit universal for every brand…no matter how you hang. No matter what type of connection method you use, or what brand of saddle you like, if you suffer from saggy saddle, or you just want a little more support, the Tethrd Suspender Kit will work for you.
  • Tethrd SYS Hauler

    The SYS Hauler system is the OG ultralight saddle hunting storage system. With our simple, 1 handed quick connect method, your SYS Hauler can ride comfortably on your saddle for every hunt, or get left in the truck when you need to be light and fast. There’s no limit to what you can store with your SYS Haulers. We like to run our tether and lineman belt on our left hip, and necessary accessories (like the Recliner or HYS Strap) on our right hips. However, there’s no wrong way to do it. Since each SYS Hauler is modular and extremely light weight, you can use them to fit your needs. Pick the SYS Hauler that’s right for you and you’ll be able to store all the stuff you need for your saddle hunt.